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Skill caps

I haven't decoded this file yet, but it looks useful.

I'm guessing format is:


Skill ID list mapping:
0=1H Blunt
1=1H Slashing
2=2H Blunt
3=2H Slashing
6=Apply Poison
9=Bind Wound
12=Brass Instruments
17=Disarm Traps
20=Double Attack
21=Dragon Punch
22=Dual Wield
23=Eagle Strike
25=Feign Death
26=Flying Kick
28=Hand To Hand
35=Pick Lock
38=Round Kick
39=Safe Fall
40=Sense Heading
43=Specialize Abjure
44=Specialize Alteration
45=Specialize Conjuration
46=Specialize Divinatation
47=Specialize Evocation
48=Pick Pockets
49=Stringed Instruments
52=Tiger Claw/Instantaneous
54=Wind Instruments
56=Make Poison
62=Sense Traps
66=Alcohol Tolerance
68=Jewelry Making
70=Percussion Instruments
and I think 74=Flurry, or some other BZR-only skill?

Class list:
Haven't fully decoded it yet.
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Skill caps at L 75 are:

Warrior Skill: 1H Blunt Cap:315
Warrior Skill: 1H Slashing Cap:315
Warrior Skill: 2H Blunt Cap:315
Warrior Skill: 2H Slashing Cap:315
Warrior Skill: Archery Cap:305
Warrior Skill: Bind Wound Cap:300
Warrior Skill: Bash Cap:320
Warrior Skill: Defence Cap:290
Warrior Skill: Disarm Cap:295
Warrior Skill: Dodge Cap:260
Warrior Skill: Double Attack Cap:265
Warrior Skill: Dual Wield Cap:265
Warrior Skill: Hand To Hand Cap:170
Warrior Skill: Kick Cap:275
Warrior Skill: Offence Cap:290
Warrior Skill: Parry Cap:285
Warrior Skill: Piercing Cap:315
Warrior Skill: Riptose Cap:300
Warrior Skill: sense Heading Cap:200
Warrior Skill: Swimming Cap:270
Warrior Skill: Throwing Cap:300
Warrior Skill: Fishing Cap:200
Warrior Skill: Tinkering Cap:300
Warrior Skill: Backing Cap:300
Warrior Skill: Tailoring Cap:300
Warrior Skill: Blacksmithing Cap:300
Warrior Skill: Fletching Cap:300
Warrior Skill: Brewing Cap:300
Warrior Skill: Alchohol Tolerance Cap:270
Warrior Skill: Begging Cap:270
Warrior Skill: Jewelcraft Cap:300
Warrior Skill: Pottery Cap:300
Warrior Skill: Taunt Cap:230
Cleric Skill: 1H Blunt Cap:260
Cleric Skill: 2H Blunt Cap:260
Cleric Skill: Abjuration Cap:320
Cleric Skill: Alternation Cap:320
Cleric Skill: Bind Wound Cap:300
Cleric Skill: Bash Cap:235
Cleric Skill: Channeling Cap:220
Cleric Skill: Conjuration Cap:320
Cleric Skill: Defence Cap:230
Cleric Skill: Divination Cap:320
Cleric Skill: Dodge Cap:220
Cleric Skill: Evocation Cap:320
Cleric Skill: Hand To Hand Cap:150
Cleric Skill: Meditate Cap:252
Cleric Skill: Offence Cap:230
Cleric Skill: Sense Heading Cap:200
Cleric Skill: Specialize: Abjure Cap:250
Cleric Skill: Specialize: Alternation Cap:250
Cleric Skill: Specialize: Conjuration Cap:250
Cleric Skill: Specialize: Divination Cap:250
Cleric Skill: Specialize: Evocation Cap:250
Cleric Skill: Swimming Cap:270
Cleric Skill: Throwing Cap:300
Cleric Skill: Fishing Cap:200
Cleric Skill: Tinkering Cap:300
Cleric Skill: Research Cap:300
Cleric Skill: Tailoring Cap:300
Cleric Skill: Blacksmithing Cap:300
Cleric Skill: Fletching Cap:300
Cleric Skill: Brewing Cap:300
Cleric Skill: Alchohol Tolerance Cap:270
Cleric Skill: Begging Cap:270
Cleric Skill: Jewelcraft Cap:300
Cleric Skill: Pottery Cap:300
Paladin Skill: 1H Blunt Cap:290
Paladin Skill: 1H Slashing Cap:290
Paladin Skill: 2H Blunt Cap:290
Paladin Skill: 2H Slashing Cap:290
Paladin Skill: Abjuration Cap:320
Paladin Skill: Alternation Cap:320
Paladin Skill: Archery Cap:260
Paladin Skill: Bind Wound Cap:300
Paladin Skill: Bash Cap:280
Paladin Skill: Channeling Cap:215
Paladin Skill: Conjuration Cap:320
Paladin Skill: Defence Cap:290
Paladin Skill: Disarm Cap:295
Paladin Skill: Divination Cap:320
Paladin Skill: Dodge Cap:250
Paladin Skill: Double Attack Cap:255
Paladin Skill: Evocation Cap:320
Paladin Skill: Hand To Hand Cap:170
Paladin Skill: Meditate Cap:226
Paladin Skill: Offence Cap:255
Paladin Skill: Parry Cap:265
Paladin Skill: Piercing Cap:289
Paladin Skill: Riptose Cap:280
Paladin Skill: sense Heading Cap:200
Paladin Skill: Swimming Cap:270
Paladin Skill: Throwing Cap:300
Paladin Skill: Fishing Cap:200
Paladin Skill: Tinkering Cap:300
Paladin Skill: Backing Cap:300
Paladin Skill: Tailoring Cap:300
Paladin Skill: Blacksmithing Cap:300
Paladin Skill: Fletching Cap:300
Paladin Skill: Brewing Cap:300
Paladin Skill: Alchohol Tolerance Cap:270
Paladin Skill: Begging Cap:270
Paladin Skill: Jewelcraft Cap:300
Paladin Skill: Pottery Cap:300
Paladin Skill: Taunt Cap:230
Ranger Skill: 1H Blunt Cap:315
Ranger Skill: 1H Slashing Cap:315
Ranger Skill: 2H Blunt Cap:315
Ranger Skill: 2H Slashing Cap:315
Ranger Skill: Abjuration Cap:320
Ranger Skill: Alternation Cap:320
Ranger Skill: Archery Cap:305
Ranger Skill: Bind Wound Cap:300
Ranger Skill: Channeling Cap:215
Ranger Skill: Conjuration Cap:320
Ranger Skill: Defence Cap:270
Ranger Skill: Disarm Cap:295
Ranger Skill: Divination Cap:320
Ranger Skill: Dodge Cap:250
Ranger Skill: Double Attack Cap:265
Ranger Skill: Dual Wield Cap:265
Ranger Skill: Evocation Cap:320
Ranger Skill: Forage Cap:200
Ranger Skill: Hand To Hand Cap:170
Ranger Skill: Hide Cap:75
Ranger Skill: Kick Cap:275
Ranger Skill: Meditate Cap:226
Ranger Skill: Offence Cap:290
Ranger Skill: Parry Cap:285
Ranger Skill: Piercing Cap:315
Ranger Skill: Riptose Cap:280
Ranger Skill: sense Heading Cap:200
Ranger Skill: sneak Cap:75
Ranger Skill: Swimming Cap:270
Ranger Skill: Throwing Cap:300
Ranger Skill: Tracking Cap:200
Ranger Skill: Fishing Cap:200
Ranger Skill: Tinkering Cap:300
Ranger Skill: Backing Cap:300
Ranger Skill: Tailoring Cap:300
Ranger Skill: Blacksmithing Cap:300
Ranger Skill: Fletching Cap:300
Ranger Skill: Brewing Cap:300
Ranger Skill: Alchohol Tolerance Cap:270
Ranger Skill: Begging Cap:270
Ranger Skill: Jewelcraft Cap:300
Ranger Skill: Pottery Cap:300
Ranger Skill: Taunt Cap:200
ShadowKnights Skill: 1H Blunt Cap:290
ShadowKnights Skill: 1H Slashing Cap:290
ShadowKnights Skill: 2H Blunt Cap:290
ShadowKnights Skill: 2H Slashing Cap:290
ShadowKnights Skill: Abjuration Cap:320
ShadowKnights Skill: Alternation Cap:320
ShadowKnights Skill: Archery Cap:260
ShadowKnights Skill: Bind Wound Cap:300
ShadowKnights Skill: Bash Cap:280
ShadowKnights Skill: Channeling Cap:215
ShadowKnights Skill: Conjuration Cap:320
ShadowKnights Skill: Defence Cap:290
ShadowKnights Skill: Disarm Cap:295
ShadowKnights Skill: Divination Cap:320
ShadowKnights Skill: Dodge Cap:250
ShadowKnights Skill: Double Attack Cap:255
ShadowKnights Skill: Evocation Cap:320
ShadowKnights Skill: Hand To Hand Cap:170
ShadowKnights Skill: Hide Cap:75
ShadowKnights Skill: Meditate Cap:226
ShadowKnights Skill: Offence Cap:255
ShadowKnights Skill: Parry Cap:265
ShadowKnights Skill: Piercing Cap:289
ShadowKnights Skill: Riptose Cap:280
ShadowKnights Skill: sense Heading Cap:200
ShadowKnights Skill: Swimming Cap:270
ShadowKnights Skill: Throwing Cap:300
ShadowKnights Skill: Fishing Cap:200
ShadowKnights Skill: Tinkering Cap:300
ShadowKnights Skill: Backing Cap:300
ShadowKnights Skill: Tailoring Cap:300
ShadowKnights Skill: Blacksmithing Cap:300
ShadowKnights Skill: Fletching Cap:300
ShadowKnights Skill: Brewing Cap:300
ShadowKnights Skill: Alchohol Tolerance Cap:270
ShadowKnights Skill: Begging Cap:270
ShadowKnights Skill: Jewelcraft Cap:300
ShadowKnights Skill: Pottery Cap:300
ShadowKnights Skill: Taunt Cap:230
Druid Skill: 1H Blunt Cap:260
Druid Skill: 1H Slashing Cap:260
Druid Skill: 2H Blunt Cap:260
Druid Skill: Abjuration Cap:320
Druid Skill: Alternation Cap:320
Druid Skill: Bind Wound Cap:300
Druid Skill: Channeling Cap:220
Druid Skill: Conjuration Cap:320
Druid Skill: Defence Cap:230
Druid Skill: Divination Cap:320
Druid Skill: Dodge Cap:220
Druid Skill: Evocation Cap:320
Druid Skill: Forage Cap:200
Druid Skill: Hand To Hand Cap:150
Druid Skill: Meditate Cap:252
Druid Skill: Offence Cap:230
Druid Skill: sense Heading Cap:200
Druid Skill: specialize: Abjure Cap:250
Druid Skill: specialize: Alternation Cap:250
Druid Skill: specialize: Conjuration Cap:250
Druid Skill: specialize: Divination Cap:250
Druid Skill: specialize: Evocation Cap:250
Druid Skill: Swimming Cap:270
Druid Skill: Throwing Cap:300
Druid Skill: Tracking Cap:125
Druid Skill: Fishing Cap:200
Druid Skill: Tinkering Cap:300
Druid Skill: Backing Cap:300
Druid Skill: Tailoring Cap:300
Druid Skill: Blacksmithing Cap:300
Druid Skill: Fletching Cap:300
Druid Skill: Brewing Cap:300
Druid Skill: Alchohol Tolerance Cap:270
Druid Skill: Begging Cap:270
Druid Skill: Jewelcraft Cap:300
Druid Skill: Pottery Cap:300
Monk Skill: 1H Blunt Cap:335
Monk Skill: 2H Blunt Cap:335
Monk Skill: Bind Wound Cap:300
Monk Skill: Block Cap:275
Monk Skill: Defence Cap:290
Monk Skill: Disarm Cap:295
Monk Skill: Dodge Cap:300
Monk Skill: Double Attack Cap:275
Monk Skill: Dragon Punch Cap:270
Monk Skill: Dual Wield Cap:270
Monk Skill: Eagle Strike Cap:270
Monk Skill: Feign Death Cap:200
Monk Skill: Flying Kick Cap:270
Monk Skill: Hand To Hand Cap:335
Monk Skill: Kick Cap:305
Monk Skill: Mend Cap:200
Monk Skill: Offence Cap:290
Monk Skill: Riptose Cap:280
Monk Skill: Round Kick Cap:270
Monk Skill: safe Fall Cap:380
Monk Skill: sense Heading Cap:200
Monk Skill: sneak Cap:113
Monk Skill: Swimming Cap:270
Monk Skill: Throwing Cap:300
Monk Skill: Tiger Claw or Other Cap:270
Monk Skill: Fishing Cap:200
Monk Skill: Tinkering Cap:300
Monk Skill: Backing Cap:300
Monk Skill: Tailoring Cap:300
Monk Skill: Blacksmithing Cap:300
Monk Skill: Fletching Cap:300
Monk Skill: Brewing Cap:300
Monk Skill: Alchohol Tolerance Cap:270
Monk Skill: Begging Cap:270
Monk Skill: Jewelcraft Cap:300
Monk Skill: Pottery Cap:300
Monk Skill: Intimidation Cap:270
Bard Skill: 1H Blunt Cap:315
Bard Skill: 1H Slashing Cap:315
Bard Skill: Bind Wound Cap:300
Bard Skill: Brass Cap:320
Bard Skill: Defence Cap:290
Bard Skill: Disable Trap Cap:120
Bard Skill: Dodge Cap:250
Bard Skill: Double Attack Cap:25
Bard Skill: Dual Wield Cap:265
Bard Skill: Forage Cap:55
Bard Skill: Hand To Hand Cap:170
Bard Skill: Hide Cap:50
Bard Skill: Meditate Cap:1
Bard Skill: Offence Cap:290
Bard Skill: Parry Cap:220
Bard Skill: Pick Lock Cap:175
Bard Skill: Piercing Cap:315
Bard Skill: Riptose Cap:155
Bard Skill: safe Fall Cap:155
Bard Skill: sense Heading Cap:200
Bard Skill: sing Cap:320
Bard Skill: sneak Cap:75
Bard Skill: Stringed Cap:320
Bard Skill: Swimming Cap:270
Bard Skill: Throwing Cap:300
Bard Skill: Tracking Cap:100
Bard Skill: Wind Cap:320
Bard Skill: Fishing Cap:200
Bard Skill: Tinkering Cap:300
Bard Skill: Backing Cap:300
Bard Skill: Tailoring Cap:300
Bard Skill: Sense Traps Cap:120
Bard Skill: Blacksmithing Cap:300
Bard Skill: Fletching Cap:300
Bard Skill: Brewing Cap:300
Bard Skill: Alchohol Tolerance Cap:270
Bard Skill: Begging Cap:270
Bard Skill: Jewelcraft Cap:300
Bard Skill: Pottery Cap:300
Bard Skill: Percussion Cap:320
Bard Skill: Intimidation Cap:195
Rogue Skill: 1H Blunt Cap:315
Rogue Skill: 1H Slashing Cap:315
Rogue Skill: Apply Poison Cap:200
Rogue Skill: Archery Cap:305
Rogue Skill: Backstab Cap:245
Rogue Skill: Bind Wound Cap:300
Rogue Skill: Defence Cap:290
Rogue Skill: Disarm Cap:295
Rogue Skill: Disable Trap Cap:200
Rogue Skill: Dodge Cap:280
Rogue Skill: Double Attack Cap:265
Rogue Skill: Dual Wield Cap:265
Rogue Skill: Hand To Hand Cap:170
Rogue Skill: Hide Cap:225
Rogue Skill: Offence Cap:290
Rogue Skill: Parry Cap:285
Rogue Skill: Pick Lock Cap:265
Rogue Skill: Piercing Cap:315
Rogue Skill: Riptose Cap:250
Rogue Skill: safe Fall Cap:225
Rogue Skill: sense Heading Cap:200
Rogue Skill: sneak Cap:200
Rogue Skill: Pick Pockets Cap:270
Rogue Skill: Swimming Cap:270
Rogue Skill: Throwing Cap:300
Rogue Skill: Fishing Cap:200
Rogue Skill: Make Poison Cap:300
Rogue Skill: Tinkering Cap:300
Rogue Skill: Backing Cap:300
Rogue Skill: Tailoring Cap:300
Rogue Skill: Sense Traps Cap:200
Rogue Skill: Blacksmithing Cap:300
Rogue Skill: Fletching Cap:300
Rogue Skill: Brewing Cap:300
Rogue Skill: Alchohol Tolerance Cap:270
Rogue Skill: Begging Cap:270
Rogue Skill: Jewelcraft Cap:300
Rogue Skill: Pottery Cap:300
Rogue Skill: Intimidation Cap:270
Shamans Skill: 1H Blunt Cap:260
Shamans Skill: 2H Blunt Cap:260
Shamans Skill: Abjuration Cap:320
Shamans Skill: Alternation Cap:320
Shamans Skill: Bind Wound Cap:300
Shamans Skill: Channeling Cap:220
Shamans Skill: Conjuration Cap:320
Shamans Skill: Defence Cap:230
Shamans Skill: Divination Cap:320
Shamans Skill: Dodge Cap:220
Shamans Skill: Evocation Cap:320
Shamans Skill: Hand To Hand Cap:150
Shamans Skill: Meditate Cap:252
Shamans Skill: Offence Cap:230
Shamans Skill: Piercing Cap:260
Shamans Skill: sense Heading Cap:200
Shamans Skill: specialize: Abjure Cap:250
Shamans Skill: specialize: Alternation Cap:250
Shamans Skill: specialize: Conjuration Cap:250
Shamans Skill: specialize: Divination Cap:250
Shamans Skill: specialize: Evocation Cap:250
Shamans Skill: Swimming Cap:270
Shamans Skill: Throwing Cap:300
Shamans Skill: Fishing Cap:200
Shamans Skill: Tinkering Cap:300
Shamans Skill: Alchemy Cap:300
Shamans Skill: Backing Cap:300
Shamans Skill: Tailoring Cap:300
Shamans Skill: Blacksmithing Cap:300
Shamans Skill: Fletching Cap:300
Shamans Skill: Brewing Cap:300
Shamans Skill: Alchohol Tolerance Cap:270
Shamans Skill: Begging Cap:270
Shamans Skill: Jewelcraft Cap:300
Shamans Skill: Pottery Cap:300
Necromancer Skill: 1H Blunt Cap:210
Necromancer Skill: 2H Blunt Cap:210
Necromancer Skill: Abjuration Cap:320
Necromancer Skill: Alternation Cap:320
Necromancer Skill: Bind Wound Cap:300
Necromancer Skill: Channeling Cap:220
Necromancer Skill: Conjuration Cap:320
Necromancer Skill: Defence Cap:165
Necromancer Skill: Divination Cap:320
Necromancer Skill: Dodge Cap:205
Necromancer Skill: Evocation Cap:320
Necromancer Skill: Hand To Hand Cap:150
Necromancer Skill: Meditate Cap:252
Necromancer Skill: Offence Cap:160
Necromancer Skill: Piercing Cap:210
Necromancer Skill: sense Heading Cap:200
Necromancer Skill: specialize: Abjure Cap:250
Necromancer Skill: specialize: Alternation Cap:250
Necromancer Skill: specialize: Conjuration Cap:250
Necromancer Skill: specialize: Divination Cap:250
Necromancer Skill: specialize: Evocation Cap:250
Necromancer Skill: Swimming Cap:270
Necromancer Skill: Throwing Cap:300
Necromancer Skill: Fishing Cap:200
Necromancer Skill: Tinkering Cap:300
Necromancer Skill: Research Cap:300
Necromancer Skill: Backing Cap:300
Necromancer Skill: Tailoring Cap:300
Necromancer Skill: Blacksmithing Cap:300
Necromancer Skill: Fletching Cap:300
Necromancer Skill: Brewing Cap:300
Necromancer Skill: Alchohol Tolerance Cap:270
Necromancer Skill: Begging Cap:270
Necromancer Skill: Jewelcraft Cap:300
Necromancer Skill: Pottery Cap:300
Wizard Skill: 1H Blunt Cap:210
Wizard Skill: 2H Blunt Cap:210
Wizard Skill: Abjuration Cap:320
Wizard Skill: Alternation Cap:320
Wizard Skill: Bind Wound Cap:300
Wizard Skill: Channeling Cap:220
Wizard Skill: Conjuration Cap:320
Wizard Skill: Defence Cap:165
Wizard Skill: Divination Cap:320
Wizard Skill: Dodge Cap:205
Wizard Skill: Evocation Cap:320
Wizard Skill: Hand To Hand Cap:150
Wizard Skill: Meditate Cap:252
Wizard Skill: Offence Cap:160
Wizard Skill: Piercing Cap:210
Wizard Skill: sense Heading Cap:200
Wizard Skill: specialize: Abjure Cap:250
Wizard Skill: specialize: Alternation Cap:250
Wizard Skill: specialize: Conjuration Cap:250
Wizard Skill: specialize: Divination Cap:250
Wizard Skill: specialize: Evocation Cap:250
Wizard Skill: Swimming Cap:270
Wizard Skill: Throwing Cap:300
Wizard Skill: Fishing Cap:200
Wizard Skill: Tinkering Cap:300
Wizard Skill: Research Cap:300
Wizard Skill: Backing Cap:300
Wizard Skill: Tailoring Cap:300
Wizard Skill: Blacksmithing Cap:300
Wizard Skill: Fletching Cap:300
Wizard Skill: Brewing Cap:300
Wizard Skill: Alchohol Tolerance Cap:270
Wizard Skill: Begging Cap:270
Wizard Skill: Jewelcraft Cap:300
Wizard Skill: Pottery Cap:300
Magician Skill: 1H Blunt Cap:210
Magician Skill: 2H Blunt Cap:210
Magician Skill: Abjuration Cap:320
Magician Skill: Alternation Cap:320
Magician Skill: Bind Wound Cap:300
Magician Skill: Channeling Cap:220
Magician Skill: Conjuration Cap:320
Magician Skill: Defence Cap:165
Magician Skill: Divination Cap:320
Magician Skill: Dodge Cap:205
Magician Skill: Evocation Cap:320
Magician Skill: Hand To Hand Cap:150
Magician Skill: Meditate Cap:252
Magician Skill: Offence Cap:160
Magician Skill: Piercing Cap:210
Magician Skill: sense Heading Cap:200
Magician Skill: specialize: Abjure Cap:250
Magician Skill: specialize: Alternation Cap:250
Magician Skill: specialize: Conjuration Cap:250
Magician Skill: specialize: Divination Cap:250
Magician Skill: specialize: Evocation Cap:250
Magician Skill: Swimming Cap:270
Magician Skill: Throwing Cap:300
Magician Skill: Fishing Cap:200
Magician Skill: Tinkering Cap:300
Magician Skill: Research Cap:300
Magician Skill: Backing Cap:300
Magician Skill: Tailoring Cap:300
Magician Skill: Blacksmithing Cap:300
Magician Skill: Fletching Cap:300
Magician Skill: Brewing Cap:300
Magician Skill: Alchohol Tolerance Cap:270
Magician Skill: Begging Cap:270
Magician Skill: Jewelcraft Cap:300
Magician Skill: Pottery Cap:300
Enchanter Skill: 1H Blunt Cap:210
Enchanter Skill: 2H Blunt Cap:210
Enchanter Skill: Abjuration Cap:320
Enchanter Skill: Alternation Cap:320
Enchanter Skill: Bind Wound Cap:300
Enchanter Skill: Channeling Cap:220
Enchanter Skill: Conjuration Cap:320
Enchanter Skill: Defence Cap:165
Enchanter Skill: Divination Cap:320
Enchanter Skill: Dodge Cap:205
Enchanter Skill: Evocation Cap:320
Enchanter Skill: Hand To Hand Cap:150
Enchanter Skill: Meditate Cap:252
Enchanter Skill: Offence Cap:160
Enchanter Skill: Piercing Cap:210
Enchanter Skill: sense Heading Cap:200
Enchanter Skill: specialize: Abjure Cap:250
Enchanter Skill: specialize: Alternation Cap:250
Enchanter Skill: specialize: Conjuration Cap:250
Enchanter Skill: specialize: Divination Cap:250
Enchanter Skill: specialize: Evocation Cap:250
Enchanter Skill: Swimming Cap:270
Enchanter Skill: Throwing Cap:300
Enchanter Skill: Fishing Cap:200
Enchanter Skill: Tinkering Cap:300
Enchanter Skill: Research Cap:300
Enchanter Skill: Backing Cap:300
Enchanter Skill: Tailoring Cap:300
Enchanter Skill: Blacksmithing Cap:300
Enchanter Skill: Fletching Cap:300
Enchanter Skill: Brewing Cap:300
Enchanter Skill: Alchohol Tolerance Cap:270
Enchanter Skill: Begging Cap:270
Enchanter Skill: Jewelcraft Cap:300
Enchanter Skill: Pottery Cap:300
Beastlord Skill: 1H Blunt Cap:315
Beastlord Skill: 2H Blunt Cap:315
Beastlord Skill: Abjuration Cap:320
Beastlord Skill: Alternation Cap:320
Beastlord Skill: Bind Wound Cap:300
Beastlord Skill: Block Cap:245
Beastlord Skill: Channeling Cap:215
Beastlord Skill: Conjuration Cap:320
Beastlord Skill: Defence Cap:270
Beastlord Skill: Divination Cap:320
Beastlord Skill: Dodge Cap:250
Beastlord Skill: Double Attack Cap:25
Beastlord Skill: Dual Wield Cap:265
Beastlord Skill: Evocation Cap:320
Beastlord Skill: Hand To Hand Cap:315
Beastlord Skill: Kick Cap:290
Beastlord Skill: Meditate Cap:226
Beastlord Skill: Offence Cap:290
Beastlord Skill: Piercing Cap:315
Beastlord Skill: Riptose Cap:220
Beastlord Skill: sense Heading Cap:200
Beastlord Skill: Swimming Cap:270
Beastlord Skill: Throwing Cap:300
Beastlord Skill: Fishing Cap:200
Beastlord Skill: Tinkering Cap:300
Beastlord Skill: Backing Cap:300
Beastlord Skill: Tailoring Cap:300
Beastlord Skill: Blacksmithing Cap:300
Beastlord Skill: Fletching Cap:300
Beastlord Skill: Brewing Cap:300
Beastlord Skill: Alchohol Tolerance Cap:270
Beastlord Skill: Begging Cap:270
Beastlord Skill: Jewelcraft Cap:300
Beastlord Skill: Pottery Cap:300
Berserker Skill: 2H Blunt Cap:315
Berserker Skill: 2H Slashing Cap:315
Berserker Skill: Bind Wound Cap:300
Berserker Skill: Defence Cap:270
Berserker Skill: Disarm Cap:295
Berserker Skill: Dodge Cap:250
Berserker Skill: Double Attack Cap:265
Berserker Skill: Hand To Hand Cap:235
Berserker Skill: Kick Cap:260
Berserker Skill: Offence Cap:290
Berserker Skill: Parry Cap:250
Berserker Skill: Piercing Cap:315
Berserker Skill: Riptose Cap:250
Berserker Skill: sense Heading Cap:200
Berserker Skill: Swimming Cap:270
Berserker Skill: Throwing Cap:300
Berserker Skill: Fishing Cap:200
Berserker Skill: Tinkering Cap:300
Berserker Skill: Backing Cap:300
Berserker Skill: Tailoring Cap:300
Berserker Skill: Blacksmithing Cap:300
Berserker Skill: Fletching Cap:300
Berserker Skill: Brewing Cap:300
Berserker Skill: Alchohol Tolerance Cap:270
Berserker Skill: Begging Cap:270
Berserker Skill: Jewelcraft Cap:300
Berserker Skill: Pottery Cap:300
Berserker Skill: Intimidation Cap:270
Berserker Skill: Berzerking(?) Cap:230

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Nice man, thanks.
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Taunt caps at 230 for warriors AND knights??? I always thought knights got a lesser taunt skill then us, as they have more tools at their disposal to pull aggro back.
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Mmmm.... I think there was a big argument here on the boards about the knight/warrior taunt skill cap several months ago. If I remember correctly it was about them raising the cap in the patch so that it was equal to the warrior cap.
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Post L 60 mob taunting was unrelated to taunt skill. SKs, Wars and Knights had the same chances

When they retied it to taunt skill, they made Wars/Knights/SKs have the same skill. They also boosted Rangers (although not as much).

This was back when they made taunting work better.

I really should have done a double-pass and listed both L 70 and L 75 caps, so we could see deltas. ^_^
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1. great job
2. skill #74 might be 'berzerk' as the berzerker skill that share the same name as our innate ability but has a different effect.
3. wtf our defence/offence skill being lower than tradeskills
4. wtf our bind wounds skill being higher than our defence/offence
5. Rashere said himself that with the new ooc regen bandage AA will be worthless but still warriors get a new tier of bandage AA and in increase of bandage skill up to a greater magniture we never found before (tell when is the last time our bind wound skill was higher than our defence skill !!!!!).
6. you wrote riptose instead of riposte.
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Originally Posted by Yoda View Post
6. you wrote riptose instead of riposte.
Ah yes, our new skill!!! He actually did make a typo... should read riptoes!!!

When taunt fails, it is used as a back up taunt!

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Originally Posted by Yakk View Post
I haven't decoded this file yet, but it looks useful.

I'm guessing format is:


Skill ID list mapping:

and I think 74=Flurry, or some other BZR-only skill?

Class list:

Haven't fully decoded it yet.
now that there has been a level increase, I would really appreciate that you give me the new skill_data file because I use it in my calculator... and btw, if you can send me the spell_data file too to see if I can find a use of it with the spell parser that you've posted too... thanks in advance.

ps: yes it is an alleluya bump, but I am allowed to do so
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spells_us.txt is cut into two parts after ~7500 lines. You can simply append them to put it back together if you want, however note that OpenSpell (if that is what you ar using) doesn't like files longer than 10,000 lines.
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I just tried to used them now.... and found out that the skillcap list inside the archive is the old one... not the new one from SoF... could you give me the new one so that I have to skillcaps up to lvl80 ?
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Bah, they moved the SkillCaps.txt file. Which naturally left behind the old SkillCaps.txt file.

I think I found the new one...
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I am cheesed that they didn't raise our defense skill

I am also kind of cheesed that they didnt raise taunt skill (althought taunting a =< con is like pulling teeth.)
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You can get a defense skill raise via heroic agility apparently.
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